Aug 6 - From Norwich to Nairobi

I admit I was nervous as I waited for the shuttle bus from my hotel at Heathrow. Nervous about leaving my job, my house, my friends and family, about embarking on this trip of a lifetime on my own, nervous about flying to Nairobi….so nervous, in fact, that I ate my way though the breakfast buffet as if it were my last meal, totally lost track of time and ended up being late for check-in!

When I did finally make it through the doors of Terminal 5, lugging my shiny new, full-to-bursting backpack, the official at the BA check-in desk appeared more flustered than me. It seemed that every other passenger on the plane had checked in online – rather humiliating. Combined with my lateness, they had drawn the conclusion that I was a ‘no show’ and had re-allocated my seat! My rising outrage swiftly turned to surprise as the BA man proceeded to offer me 600 Euros plus money for a hotel room if I agreed to travel tomorrow. In hindsight, this would have been a very sensible option given that I was worried about having spare time in ‘Nairobbery’. But having meticulously planned this day for weeks, I insisted on boarding the plane, so after much tut-tutting and paper-flapping, he turned back to me and muttered: “Ok – you’ve been upgraded. Don’t try this again.”

So with slapped wrists, I found myself lounging undeservedly in Business Class, congratulating myself on this auspicious start to my journey to Africa. And if I’m honest, I did briefly consider whether I should adopt this check-in strategy for my entire trip!

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  1. hilarious story and a great start to the trip:) - look forward to reading more!